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In the past, the Certified ScrumMaster examination process has been relatively simple. If you answer all the questions, you are awarded the certification. You could have answered every question incorrectly and still pass.
Auto passing has been changed pass/fail as of September 1st, 2012.The Scrum Alliance is building credibility into the certification designation by making this and industry standard pass/fail exam. From September 1st 2012 forward, the CSM’s will have to demonstrate a minimum level of competency and proficiency of Scrum/Agile methodologies.

At 3Back we think this is good news for our industry. It takes our integrity up a level. We can’t imagine all doctors passing their exams simply because they answered questions. That would be crazy. While we are not doctors, we should expect high performance standards from our peers and colleagues who regulate our trade.

All of you who have taken the CSM exam previously, I am sure you answered all the questions brilliantly and contribute highly to your Scrum teams. To all of you who will take the exam after September 1st 2012, you know you will have earned your certification. All of us need to continue to move Scrum to the forefront of great development teams and beyond.

Any questions related to these changes should be directed to the

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2 Responses to Changes for the Certified ScrumMaster Examination Process from the Scrum Alliance

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