stories items or backlog itemsStories are the Fundamental unit of work in an agile project, which “describes some item of value to a user or product owner”. Stories are units of value that and are visible and understandable outside the team. Stories can describe functional  scenarios, interactions, UI screen, and non functional requirements.

We use stories to drive the team’s work effort. In scrum, stories are prioritized by the Product Owner. The stories are then broken down into tasks by the team. Stories are also know as backlog items in scrum.

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  1. […] team will use to determine whether or not a story achieves the Value it represents. For functional Stories, this is usually a description of an Acceptance Test. Leave A Comment Tagged with: […]

  2. […] new into the Sprint and do it. By definition, the Items near the top of the Back Burner are Stories that are no more than one short conversation away from being agreed to; that is, the Team needs a […]

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